Project: On-site Maintenance Program Sydney CBD

The integration of facilities management with hard trade services has been imperative to Intact Group’s growth, development and succession since its inception. The last two years has seen dynamic change to the hard facilities management services within The Commonwealth Bank of Australia. An effective business alliance between Intact Group and The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has seen the two organisations work together to create and develop an on-site maintenance service for the Sydney CBD precinct that has managed to reduce operational cost for the Commonwealth Bank whilst providing benchmark customer service to its key clients. This includes the development of a proactive lamp replacement system, filtered water servicing, R & M audits and daily dedicated client interface.

The collaborative effectiveness of Intact Group and the client in developing and implementing this service has seen the expansion of similar projects nationally within The Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  This project has resulted in cost efficiencies and outstanding customer service.


Project: National Evacuation Procedure Roll Out

Intact Group were responsible for the roll out of an emergency evacuation procedure for one of our main clients Australia wide. This process included travelling to all commercial sites centrally and regionally and inspecting the layout of each floor to understand where the best locations would be for their emergency procedures, according to Occupational Health and Safety requirements and establishing possible options for evacuation.

This project demonstrated Intact Group’s capabilities on a National level and expanded our network; developing our capacity to raise safety and bring consistency across their Australian portfolio.

Project: Re-carpeting of Commercial Office Tower in Melbourne CBD

Intact Group undertook a large re-carpeting project within a multi storey commercial office tower in Bourke St within Melbourne’s CBD. The broad scope of the works was to remove the existing carpet from occupied tenancies and replace with new, more sustainable, carpet tiles while ensuring no interruption to business continuity across all phases. There were many challenges presented throughout this project and Intact Group’s team worked closely with all key stakeholders to ensure all our clients’ needs and expectations were met whilst delivering completion on time and on budget. This project played a pivotal role in proving the capability, professionalism, and competence of our dynamic and enthusiastic team within the commercial property services industry.


Project: Blue September in Sydney CBD 

During the month of September, 2009, Intact Group was invited by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s marketing team to provide an innovative solution to transform the lighting on their marquee building into a sea of blue.  This campaign was part of “Blue September”, an initiative created to generate public awareness for prostate cancer.

The team at Intact Group designed and installed the lighting display at 48 Martin Place, Sydney. It was a fantastic achievement for all stakeholders. The project not only enabled the company to demonstrate its technical and innovative skills, but improved an increase to staff moral through allowing them to participate in a socially and ethically rewarding project.